Choose for maximum control and efficient coffee roasting. The W140A roaster brings the latest developments together. We combine innovative technology and roasting trends with maximum control and capacity. Are you ready to roast like a pro?

  • Roast like a pro
  • Up to 140 kg per batch | 560 kg per hour
  • 488 x 201 x 308 cm | 4300 kg
  • Roast on gas

Maximum control & quality

The W140A coffee roaster brings coffee roasting to another level! It’s motorized and handmade by craftsmen with the highest quality materials. The drum is partially cast-iron with high-performance bearings. Included with the standard equipment like the low stationary burner, airflow control, low noise fans and drum speed control. These features make the roast profile completely adjustable, according to your needs.

  • Batch size
    Batch size

    35 - 140 kilograms

  • Certifications

    CE Certified

  • Heating type
    Heating type

    Natural/Propane Gas

Did you know..

That the W140A is one of our newest additions? We combined our years of experience with the wishes from our clients and created the W140A.

Giesen W140A roaster

W140A roaster


Like all our roasters, the W140A is fully customizable. Change the body paint, handles, and the accent colors.

W140A roaster

Bring coffee roasting to another level

W140A In Action

Our W140A is designed to fit your needs and improve your roasting experience. That’s why we included the latest roasting technology and great new features that offer you maximum control. Our W140A has a capacity of 140 kg per batch and can roast up to 560 kg/h.

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Roasting will never be the same again

The control panel contains out of two screens: one for Giesen Profiler and one to control the coffee roaster. The roasting process is monitored and programmed with our own software, the Giesen Profiler. Roast profiles are saved into the system and can be replayed. During the roast, you can adjust every setting or add actions at every moment. This ensures a high-quality and consistent roast.

W140A Interview

With Daniëlle and Marc

Curious about the roasting process and features of our largest model? Our global manager of sales Marc Weber and salesagent Daniëlle will tell you all about it. In this video they will cover the most asked questions like:

– What are the functionalities of the W140A coffee roaster?
– How does the fully automatic process work?
– What can the extensive control panel do?
– How can we reduce our footprint while roasting with such a big roaster?
– What part does Giesen Profiler play? 
– Can we customize the W140A?

Roast care free with Giesen Connect

Giesen Connect is a remote surveillance system which allows us to see the current status of your coffee roaster automatically. 

W140A roaster

Personal advice

We’re here for you! Over a cup of coffee let’s discuss all the options and find the perfect roaster for you.

Our goal is to make coffee roasting as easy and professional as possible and together take your business to the next level. We think along with you and produce a customized roaster that fits all your needs and adds value to your business.  

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