Choose fast, easy, and efficient roasting with our W45A coffee roaster. The fully automatic roaster that fits your ambitions and eases your roasts. With a production capacity of 180 kg an hour, this roaster is perfect for wholesale production.

  • Choose fast, easy, and efficient roasting.
  • Up to 45 kg per batch | 180 kg per hour
  • 305 x 140 x 240 cm | 1500 KG
  • Roast on gas 


Cooling sieve

Front plate

Cooling sieve discharge

Cooling sieve discharge

Cooling sieve door

Control panel

External cyclone

Advanced technology that fulfills your needs.​

With the advanced technology, we ensure the W45A roaster fulfills your needs. Enjoy Giesen Profiler, and create, repeat, and save roasting profiles. Experience coffee roasting at the highest level.

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  • Batch size
    Batch size

    22.5 - 45 kg

  • Certifications

    CE Certified

  • Heating type
    Heating type

    Natural/Propane/Butane Gas

Did you know..

That with the W45A you get a fully automated coffee roaster including an external cyclone and lifetime access to Giesen Profiler?

We turn dreams into roasters

Our roasters are available in a classic and elegant black edition or choose every RAL color here is. Create endless stylish combinations that instantly match your brand or coffee shop. You can customize the body paint, roof colors, accent colors, wood style and even in some roasters the cooling sieve edge!

Why Vero Coffee loves the W45A

Vero Coffee House, Lithuania

W45A Coffee Roaster
W45A roaster
W45A Coffee Roaster
W45A roaster

W45A roaster


Like all our roasters, the W45A is fully customizable. Change the body paint, handles, and the accent colors.

W45A roaster
W45A Coffee Roaster
W45A Coffee Roaster

Your only limit is no limit. Choose W45A.

W45A In Action

The roast steps are automated to ensure an easy and efficient roasting process. Green beans are being transported automatically into the hopper and released into the roasting drum. 

After the roast, the roasted beans will be poured into the cooling sieve. The cooling fan has a high cooling capacity of 3 minutes to cool down a batch of 45 kg. At the same time, new green beans can be released into the drum for the next roast. 

Everything to ensure a productive and efficient roasting process. 

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Different coffee, different possibilities.

Monitor and programmed via Giesen Profiler. Which means you can save and replay roast profiles or recipes. This way, it is easy to roast different coffee types, each with its own settings. The system is easy to operate via a touchscreen where the temperature, power, fan speed and drum speed can be adjusted. All parameters are visible on the screen and every adjustment can be controlled.

Roast care free with Giesen Connect

Giesen Connect is a remote surveillance system which allows us to see the current status of your coffee roaster automatically. 

W140A roaster
W140A roaster

Get ultimate control with Giesen Profiler

Giesen Profiler is invented to record your roasting sessions and to repeat profiles automatically. It helps you keep track of all your roasting sessions and lets you export them. Basically, Giesen Profiler saves you valuable time. 

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