W30A Coffee Roaster


Ready to roast big? Choose our advanced W30A coffee roaster, included with Giesen Profiler and an external cyclone. With a capacity of 120 kg/h, it’s a valuable addition to any middle and large roastery that produces freshly roasted coffee on a larger scale.

  • Choose the best equipment, for the best results.
  • Up to 30 kg per batch | 120 kg per hour
  • 245 x 110 x 236 cm | 1500 KG
  • Roast on gas 


Cooling sieve

Front plate

Drum sight glass

Burner sight glass

Cooling sieve discharge

Chaff door

Cooling sieve door


GCC hopper

Roast big,
roast W30A

Our W30A roaster is handcrafted and comes with multiple included features. With Giesen Profiler, you can create, repeat, and save roasting profiles or recipes. The included, external cyclone removes the chaffs automatically from the roasted beans. Everything you need for the best roasting experience.

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  • Batch size
    Batch size

    15 - 30 kg

  • Certifications

    CE Certified
    UL Certified
    AGA Certified

  • Heating type
    Heating type

    Natural/Propane/Butane Gas

Did you know..

That with the W30A you get an external cyclone and lifetime access to Giesen Profiler?

Why Tom Osborne loves our W30A

Craft House Coffee, UK

Designed and manufactured by craftsmen

Our coffee roasters are manufactured in Ulft, a small town in the Netherlands. We combine innovative technology and roasting trends with maximum control and capacity. All our roasters meet the highest quality standards. Developed to give a lifetime of roasts.

W30A roaster
Craft House Coffee Giesen W30A Coffee Roaster
W30A roaster

W30A coffee roaster


Like all our roasters, the W30A is fully customizable. Change the body paint, handles, and the accent colors.

W30A roaster
W30A roaster

Your only limit is no limit. Choose W30A.

W30A In Action

Our W30A coffee roaster will truly make a difference for your roasts. But don’t just take our word for it. Schedule a meeting with one of our sales agents and experience the ultimate control yourself.

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Roast with maximum control

Roast with even more control with our W30A roaster. Monitor the roasting process duo the control tower system, which can be operated with a touchscreen. You can easily adjust the temperature, power, fan speed and drum speed. The parameters are all visible on the screen and every adjustment can be controlled. The perfect features for high-quality and consistent roasting.

Roast care free with Giesen Connect

Giesen Connect is a remote surveillance system which allows us to see the current status of your coffee roaster automatically. 

W140A roaster

Roast with Giesen Profiler


Personal advice for W30A coffee Roaster

We’re here for you! Over a cup of coffee let’s discuss all the options and find the perfect roaster for you.

Our goal is to make coffee roasting as easy and professional as possible and together take your business to the next level. We think along with you and produce a customized roaster that fits all your needs and adds value to your business.  

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