Under the Tuscan sun

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On Friday the 10th of June our roaster was on the splendid country side of the Italian town of Pergo of Cortona in Tuscany. There the event Under the Tuscan Sun was held for coffee experts and our Giesen W15 was used to roast fresh coffee samples.

Under The Tuscan Sun

the journey of the bean, from roasting into the cup.

Cortona – Friday, June 10 – One day to narrate the journey of the coffee bean, from roasting into the cup. DM Italia invited coffee experts for a marvellous day on the charming Tuscan countryside in collaboration with Giacomo Vannelli, trainer and Italian Barista Champion 2014 and 2015. “Under the Tuscan Sun” as evoked by the title of the event. With free admission, the initiative took place at the Villa l’Antico Pino, an exceptional location in the village of Pergo in Cortona (Arezzo) and from 10:00 to 19:00 there was a balanced program of gatherings, workshops, demonstrations and competitions amongst bartenders.

Giesen Coffee Roasters as partner

Roasters, baristas and operators could try our W15 Coffee Roaster, supported by the Italian expert Marco Cremonese and taste in Brazilian mode (cupping) the freshly roasted coffee of the coffee plantations. During the day our coffee roaster was used to roast fresh coffee samples and to demonstrate all the delicate phases of coffee roasting to the visitors. Then, gatherings took place on the treatment of water extraction, the use of espresso machines, the grinding process and the cleaning of the coffee equipment. This in collaboration with the manufacturers BWT Water+more, Sanremo, Mahlkönig, Anfim and PulyCAFF.

Championships of the day

With clean machinery and grinders, the contests were held between the coffee professionals in many disciplines: espresso extraction, cappuccino latte art and preparation with Aeropress. For competitors, many prizes were provided by event organisor DM Italia. Each contest had its own podium and related awards with additional prices for contestants participating in all three contests.

It was a beautiful day and we are happy to have participated. Thank you DM Italia for having us there.

More information

More information about the organiser of this event, you can find on the website of DM Italia. For more information about the event “under the Tuscan sun” you can visit their Facebook page.

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