Brew ratio

While some people are mainly focused on the end result, there is a lot that goes into the delicious cup of coffee in front of you. One of the most important terms you need when brewing a great cup of coffee is the brew ratio. We’ll tell you what this term means.

What does brew ratio mean?

If you want to brew a good coffee, it’s important you take the brew ratio seriously. Simply said, it’s the ratio of coffee to water. Even better said: it’s the ratio of ground coffee, to water. As you can imagine, it’s important your ratio is in good proportion. Otherwise, your coffee can be too weak or overly concentrated. Both cases you don’t prefer.

There are different ways to calculate the brew ratio. Some people talk about grams, where others prefer a ratio like 1:15, which refers to 15 ml. One thing for sure, brewers do always use some kind of system so they can remake the coffee in the future.

The golden brew

Some people believe in the golden brew, which refers to the perfect brew ratio for the best coffee. This would make things a lot easier, however, coffee is not that simple. For example, search on ‘golden brew’ online and you get a lot of different ratios just because every brewer has other preferences. Some people say it lays between 1:15 and 1:18 but you just have to find out yourself. Create your own golden brew!

Brew Ratio, coffee

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Updated on 19-07-2021