Café au lait

As you probably already figured: café au lait is a French cup of coffee, made with milk. However, we are not talking about just a dash of milk. What we do mean, and more facts about this beverage, we’ll share with you.

In France, you probably see a lot of people dip their croissants in some hot beverage. Most of the time, it’s done with coffee. In some other country’s this may not be a usual habit, still, this coffee is quite popular everywhere.

The recipe  

This popular coffee is commonly made with drip coffee, combined with an equal part of steamed milk. In France, traditionally, they prefer their café au lait served in a mug without ears or a soup mug. So, for the real experience, try it!

Café au lait vs café latte

Some people confuse this tasty beverage with a café latte. Both are made with coffee and hot milk, so what is the difference? The biggest one is the coffee you use. With the au lait, you use drip coffee and for the latte, it’s espresso. Therefore, the taste is also quite different.

Café au lait

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Updated on 15-03-2022