Scorching: hopefully you don’t know what this means, however, a lot of roasters experience it someday. We will tell you all there is to know about this defect. 

Some things can go wrong when you are roasting coffee. One of these things is scorching. You can spot this defect with the eye and if you brew coffee from them, you definitely recognize some kind of taste. We’ll tell you what this exactly means and how you can prevent it. 

The meaning of scorching 

Most of the time, scorching happens because your drum is too hot. The beans touch a surface whose temperature is too high. You can prevent this by lowering the charge temperature of the coffee roaster. Another problem can be the speed of the drum that is too low. Another solution is to speed the drum. 

How to recognize a scorch bean 

It is quite easy to recognize scorching. One of the sides of the roasted coffee bean is charred and looks darker than the other sides. Most of the time, it’s the flat side that is burned. When you can’t see it, you can definitely taste it. The coffee tastes burnt, bitter, and smoky. Not the taste you wish for your coffee. 


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Updated on 19-07-2021