French roast

There are a lot of different roasts. One of them is the French roast, also known as the Turkish roast. A well-known variety you have probably heard of before. Let’s take a look at these dark beans and their features.

The meaning of French roast

Some people assume that the name ‘French roast’ refers to the bean that’s used. However, this isn’t true. The name only refers to the color and roasted quality of the beans. It’s typically a very dark roasted bean, that scores between 28-35 points on an Agtron color scale. Besides that, the beans are roasted at a very high temperature.


In the 19th century, most Europeans preferred their coffee dark. While everybody liked dark roasted beans, it where the French who got named after one of the darkest roasts. Besides the name, this roast has nothing to do with France. Nowadays, the term is used most often when describing almost every dark-roasted coffee.


You can recognize a French roast quite easily because of the dark-brown color and oily surface. These beans are very rich in flavor. Most people associate it with smoky-sweet and intensely bitter. However, there are also people who prefer to call it burnt. Therefore, this roast sometimes comes into controversy.

french roast

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Updated on 19-07-2021