Chaff collector

The chaff collector is a vital part of your machine that collects all the chaff that you produce when roasting coffee. In this article, we will discuss the chaff itself, the function of the chaff collector, and the cleaning instructions pertaining to this part.

What is chaff?

When we talk about coffee and refer to chaff, we mean the skins that envelop the coffee bean. The first layer of the coffee cherry is the pulp, followed by the skin. The pulp is removed during fermentation, the skin only during the roasting. When you start roasting the coffee, the skin separates from the coffee bean. The amount of chaff that remains after roasting often depends on the roasting degree. With a light roast, more skin will remain on the coffee beans. With a dark roast, you will roast off more skins.

About the chaff collector

The Giesen W6 and W15 series machines have an internal cyclone; a built-in chaff collector. This device collects the chaff in a central place from which you can easily remove the chaff with a vacuum cleaner. We also offer another variant for these machines; the external cyclone. The advantage of this addition is that the chaff is collected centrally in a barrel, which can be easily detached and emptied. You do not need a vacuum cleaner for this.

Cleaning the internal cyclone

To clean the internal cyclone, you just need the key to your machine and a vacuum cleaner. Make sure you have your machine in ‘Cleaning mode’ or that the machine is switched off and has cooled down. You can now open the side doors of the machine and remove the chaff with your vacuum cleaner.

Chaff collector

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Updated on 19-07-2021