Fairtrade coffee

When is coffee not just coffee, but Fairtrade coffee? And what’s the exact meaning of this common term? We’ll tell you all the ins and outs in this article.

The meaning of Fairtrade

Simply said: Fairtrade puts people and the planet first. Fairtrade helps producers in developing countries to develop and produce sustainably. Through better trading conditions they work on improving their living conditions and the protection of the environment. With Fairtrade you get the chance to make conscious choices for the planet.

If the product has the Fairtrade Certified mark, then you don’t have to doubt the production standards. According to the organization, this includes safe working conditions, Environmental protection, Sustainable livelihoods, and Community Development Funds

Fairtrade coffee

In addition to the label of specialty coffee, coffee can also carry the Fairtrade label. This means, among other things, that employees on the coffee plantations work under good and safe conditions and that the impact on the environment is taken into account during production. Because of the number of small coffee producers, this is where the organization focuses its effort on.


According to Fairtrade, in 2018 there were 604 producer organizations with a total of 758,400 farmers. Most of the producers of Fairtrade come from Peru, Honduras, Colombia, and Brazil. Want to know more? Take a look at their website.

Updated on 19-07-2021