Cleaning mode

Cleaning mode is a unique feature on Giesen machines. In this article, we explain what this feature does, and what the benefit can be to you when you use the feature.

Cleaning mode is a function that has recently been added to Giesen machines. When you are doing a long roasting session, it may be that a lot of chaff has built up in the machine in the meantime. Previously, the machine had to be shut down before you could clean up the chaff. With the new function, this is a thing of the past. You can now tidy up your chaff in between, making an efficiency boost during your roasting day.

How does cleaning mode work?

When you activate cleaning mode, the burner will shut off and the machine will cool down to 180 °C. Up until then, you can turn the cooling fan and stirrer motor on and off. When the machine has reached 180 °C all parts of the machine, except the drum motor, will shut off. This means no under-pressure is created and the chaff won’t be sucked up. The stirrer will be shut off which ensures there won’t be any moving parts in operation, except for the drum motor.

You can now safely open up the machine doors and clean out the chaff, without having to completely turn off the machine. After removing the chaff of the machine and closing the doors, you can de-activate cleaning mode and continue your roasting session.

When you have any questions regarding this functionality, feel free to get in touch with Giesen Support.

In the video on the Giesen external cyclone, the cleaning mode feature is used.
Updated on 14-12-2021
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