Wet / washed process

Wet process, also known as washed process, is a method of coffee processing in which the outer layer of the coffee cherries is removed with water. This method is widely used due to the fact that it produces a cleaner and more consistent flavor in the final coffee product. After the outer layer has been removed, the coffee cherries are fermented for a specified time to break down the remaining pulp, after which the beans are thoroughly washed and dried.

One of the main advantages of the wet process is that it results in a coffee that is less sour, less fruity, and more balanced in flavor. Additionally, because the beans are thoroughly washed during the processing, they are less likely to develop mold or other unwanted flavors. Wet processed coffee is often favored by specialty coffee roasters who are looking for a cleaner and more nuanced flavor profile in their coffee.

Updated on 08-02-2023