Brew-it stick

Even with a lack of time and equipment, your cup of coffee can’t miss. Because how can it be a good day without your favorite beverage? Therefore, Barista & Co invented the Brew It Stick. In less than 10 minutes and with very few materials, you can brew your coffee.

The concept of this tool you might recognize from brewing thee. Something you can also use your Brew It Stick for. But the fun part is that you can also brew your coffee the same way.

Brew It Stick

The Brew It Stick is simple to use and consists of only the much-needed materials to brew a cup of coffee. You simply fill the filter attached to a stir stick with coffee. Pour the hot water over the filter and fill your cup. Then let the stick hang in the hot water for another 4 minutes, stirring frequently. The result is a cup of coffee.

Barista & Co

Barista & Co sells their fresh roasted coffee and they produce innovative coffee makers. A lot of people still buy the wrong coffee maker and it’s their mission to change that.

Any questions or would you like to find out more about roasting and coffee? Check out our knowledge base.

Updated on 10-01-2023
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