In Spain and Portugal, you don’t have to explain the exact meaning of a ‘cortado’. It’s over there, and in Cuba, where they drink this coffee the most. We will tell you all about it.

In our knowledge base, you can find a lot of different types of coffee. You may think they all are quite the same, but this is not the truth. This coffee also looks a lot like some other coffee varieties, although this beverage deserves it to be named separately.

The coffee term

The cortado owes its name to the Spanish word ‘cortar’, which means cutting. It simply means that the espresso was ‘cut’ by some milk. Spain is the motherland of this small but strong coffee. Meanwhile, the cortado can be found all over the world.

The cortado

This coffee type is the perfect combination of espresso and macchiato. It also contains espresso and warm milk. It’s different from espresso because of the balance between espresso and milk. With this beverage, it’s even. Half espresso and half milk. The difference with the macchiato is the milk. Unlike the macchiato, a cortado not only uses the thick milk foam, but also the more liquid, frothed milk. So, both components make a perfect cortado, most of the time served in a small glass.


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Updated on 19-07-2021
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