The fourth wave of coffee

Let’s look at the most important developments that took place during the fourth wave of coffee. The “Waves of Coffee” is a designation of different periods that indicate the development of coffee consumption. A total of 5 waves can be described, all of which have their own characteristic developments.

Fourth wave of coffee – Exploring the science / to analyze

During the fourth wave of coffee, the foundations in specialty coffee that had been laid during the third wave were further explored. More and more scientific methods and principles became involved in the coffee process. The process of brewing coffee has become increasingly precise and accurate; values are weighed, measured, and analyzed in order to achieve a result that is as consistent as possible.

The aim during this period is to understand and deepen underlying characteristics that the coffee process entails. This goes even further than just coffee; it also involves the characteristics and properties of the chemical composition of the water.


How do we see it? To a large extent, we are still in this wave. There is still a tremendous amount to discover in the coffee world and we are far from being done learning. Coffee is a fascinating product that has endless variations; the planting, feeding, growing, picking, removing the pulp, drying, roasting, cupping, brewing, and so on. There is still an enormous amount to discover.

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Updated on 17-01-2022