Omni roasting

Ever heard of Omni roasting? With this roasting style, it doesn’t matter the way you brew the coffee, it will always taste good. Sounds fun right? A style that compliments every brewing method. 

The word ‘omni’ is derived from the word ‘omnicompetent‘ that means ‘in all ways or places’. That partly explains where the meaning of this roast style comes from.

Omni roasting

Normally we subdivide the different roasts, suitable for different brewing methods like espresso roast or filter roast. But omni roasters believe that each coffee just needs one roast profile. It doesn’t matter if you like to brew your coffee using filter, press, cold brew, or espresso. The omni roasting style checks all the boxes for every brewing method. 

Embrace the coffee

According to omni roasters, with this technique, you embrace the complex characteristics of the beans. And if carefully roasted, its ability to adapt to whatever brewing method is used. Some people think it’s the easy way but on the other hand, it asks a lot of the roast master because the coffee must be suitable for all purposes. It means crafting the coffee in such a way that the coffee tastes good across a variety of brew methods.

Bean quality

Although the bean tastes good regarding any roast profile, the quality of the bean always affects the outcome of the coffee. If you use a bad coffee, it doesn’t matter if you do an omni roast, the coffee is still tasting bad. Omni doesn’t mean the coffee is always good when you brew it. The type of coffee always affects the final taste of the coffee in the cup. 


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Updated on 02-12-2021