Semi-washed / pulped / honey process

The semi-washed process, also known as pulped natural or honey process, is a method of coffee processing that combines elements of both the wet and dry processes. In this method, the outer layer of the coffee cherries is removed with water, but some of the pulp is left attached to the beans. The cherries are then laid out in the sun to dry, with the remaining pulp acting as a protective layer.

Semi-washed processed coffee is characterized by a rich and complex flavor profile, with a medium acidity and a medium to high sweetness. This method is often favored by coffee drinkers who are looking for a coffee that is both bold and nuanced, and by coffee producers who are looking to produce a unique and flavorful coffee. The semi-washed process is also a good option for coffee producers who are looking to reduce waste, as the pulp can be used for other purposes, such as fertilization or fuel.

Updated on 08-02-2023