City roast

Describing your roast style can be done with different terms. Not only do you have the terms light-, medium- and dark roast, also think about, for example, the French roast, Italian roast, and City roast. In this article, we discuss that last term.  


A city roast is one of the most common roasts there is. It’s the synonym for a medium-degree roast of coffee beans. With this roast, you fully complete the first crack and end up with developed beans with a lot of flavors and characteristics. The color of the beans is medium brown. 

City roast vs Full city roast 

Besides the city roast, we also know the full city roast. These beans are roasted a bit darker. They have a dark brown color and are roasted dry. The beans roast past the first crack but aren’t roasted until the second crack. Other names for the full city roast are light French and light espresso.

city roast

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Updated on 16-11-2021