Why do you need a sample roaster?

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Over the years I have roasted with almost any model of sample roaster on the planet. I’ve come to the conclusion that I truly love the performance and capabilities of the Giesen WPG1 sample roaster. Giesen introduced this roasting machine about four years ago and its performance beats hands-down all other drum-operated sample roasters available on the market.

Historically, sample roasters have often lacked the features that larger production roasters have. As a result, the completion of roasting profiles on sample roasters is often cumbersome and complicated. The WPG1 sample roaster basically provides the user the same versatility and controllability as all machines of the Giesen roasters line-up.

The WPG1 key features

1 – The capability to complete a roasting profile while monitoring the rate of rise (ROR). This is displayed on the control panel.
2 – The ability to control a roast with variable air pressure settings. This basically allows the operator to create very distinct flavor profiles with the same bean.
3 – The adjustability of the drum speed.
4 – The functionality to record roasting profiles using either the Giesen Profiler software or other software like Cropster and Artisan.

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Giesen WPG1 sample roaster

The WPG1 in combination with Profiler

The benefit of the Giesen Profiler software is that it also offers you the capability to replay roasting profiles that you recorded before. You can also repeat the same profiles on other, larger models of Giesen roasters. I’ve discovered that this feature works remarkably well in terms of consistency and repeatability.

How can a sample roaster help?

To prepare the purchase of green coffee lots, a sample roasting machine can be extremely helpful. It enables you to qualify and inspect small representative samples of the underlying lot, before the purchase of the coffee. In addition, you can utilize sample roasters for the design and creation of commercial roasting profiles. Sample roasters like the Giesen WPG1 (gas-fired) or the WPE1 (electric heating) are also excellent training tools. You can perfectly use the WPG1 to educate junior roast masters about the craft and science of coffee roasting. I can conclude that the purchase of a sample roaster is highly recommendable, and will be a valuable investment for any coffee roasting business. At Boot Coffee Campus in San Rafael, CA we operate various models of sample roasters. You’re always welcome to put our Giesen WPG1 to the test.

Willem Boot is a roasting consultant and trainer and founder of Boot Coffee Campus in San Rafael, California. He is also one of the Giesen Ambassadors.

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