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Easy to get started with. Giesen is incredibly powerful, versatile and has everything you need to take your roasts to the next level. Designed so you can work, roast, and create in ways you never thought possible. A lot of expansion possibilities to roast even better. Our own designed, tested and true software. A Giesen feels familiar from the moment you turn it on.

Giesen Makes it possible

Discover craftsmanship

Quality meets design. Our coffee roasters are manufactured in Ulft, a small town in the Netherlands. We combine innovative technology and roasting trends with maximum control and capacity. All our roasters meet the highest quality standards. Developed to give a lifetime of roasts.

We turn dreams into roasters

Our roasters are available in a classic and elegant black edition or choose every RAL color here is. Create endless stylish combinations that instantly match your brand or coffee shop. You can customize the body paint, roof colors, accent colors, wood style and even in some roasters the cooling sieve edge! Read more about our custom options:

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Craftsmanship combined with
Modern Technology

Only the most modern and high-quality parts are used in our coffee roasters. Put together with absolute precision thanks to Dutch craftsmanship.

Over 15 years, we have spoken and worked together with the best coffee roasting experts in the industry. We don’t just hear what they say; we listen. This results in roasters that are perfectly in tune with the practice. The Giesen settings are all user-friendly and match the requirements of roasters. Large or small; We know exactly what you need and put your wishes first.

Experience the ultimate airflow control on all Giesen roasters. Try different ways to create your ideal roasting profile, while experimenting with advanced options. This is a standard feature included free of charge. If you want to know more about airflow control, read this blog or watch this webinar on airflow control.

Adjust the drumspeed on your Giesen roaster to gain even more control of your roasting process. Combined with the airflow control you can create consistent roasting profiles. Want to know what effect drumspeed has on your roasts? Watch the Giesen webinar with Willem Boot or read this blog.

We can let the coffee roaster behave like a fully conductive heat roaster but due to the fan speed, users can also roast with convection heat. A lot of different settings and heat transfer techniques can be modulated with Giesen roasters. Watch this webinar on heat control.

Our control panel is easy to use and displays all relevant parameters. Making it possible to control actual and automatically set the target temperatures. Keeping the quality of your roasts consistent. 

Our roasters are equipped with low noise fans, to maintain a low noise level. All our roasters operate under 75dB.

Quickly cool down your coffee beans with our fast cooling option, to preserve maximum freshness and quality of your coffee beans.

We offer state-of-the-art burner technology and sustainable roasting solutions to roast green. Better for the environment and lowers operating costs.

Cast iron front plate, stainless steel body and customizable accents: our roasters are designed to be enjoyed for a long time – without weathering.

W140A roaster

Giesen Makes it possible

Discover craftsmanship

With Giesen Profiler you can tweak, edit and even create new roasts wherever you are. Take the optional tablet with you and keep innovating. Just like us, never settle for less. Giesen Profiler is invented to record your roasting sessions and to repeat profiles automatically. It helps you keep track of all your roasting sessions and lets you export them. Basically, Giesen Profiler saves you valuable time.

Made in the Netherlands

Quality meets design

We are not just a family company; we are a family. As a team we work together for the highest outcomes. Only the best is good enough for our roasters. This reflects not only in our high-quality roasters, but also in our support team and great customer service.

Dutch craftsmanship

Our roasters undergo a thorough production process. From the moment you order until it is delivered you are ensured of great quality.

Custom Coffee roaster

Incredible support and service

We want our coffee roasters to work perfectly and you to roast carefree. That’s why we offer the best service and support. If you buy a Giesen coffee roaster you can be assured that we will accompany you from the beginning to the end.


If you encounter any mechanical or technical problems with your coffee roaster, it is a priority for us to help you to get your Giesen coffee roaster up and running as soon as possible. That is why our support and service team is available for you. The support desk can be reached by phone, email or our website.