W15E - Electric roaster


Introducing the Giesen W15E, an electric game-changer in the coffee industry.

With a staggering capacity of 60 kg per hour and utilizing state-of-the-art electric technology, this roaster sets a new standard for both efficiency and sustainability. Say goodbye to gas dependency and hello to a brighter future for coffee roasting.

  • Up to 15 kg per batch | 60 kg per hour
  • Dual heat sources
  • Unlimited roasting possibilities

About the fully Electric W15E

Introducing the Giesen W15E, the electric coffee roaster that is taking the industry by storm. With a capacity of 15 kilos per batch and an impressive output of 60 kilos per hour, this roaster is perfect for medium-sized coffee businesses looking to increase efficiency. 


A project we are immensely proud of; the innovative roastery of Alrighty. At Giesen Coffee Roasters, we’re honored to stand alongside Alrighty as their partner in roasting technology. Our cutting-edge equipment fuels Alrighty’s mission to revolutionize the industry, amplifying their impact and paving the way for a brighter, more sustainable future in coffee production. Our W15E coffee roasters combined with a transport and silo system proved to be a perfect solution. Read more about the project by clicking the botton below!

Unique Electric dual-heating system

The W15E coffee roaster marks a significant advancement in the field, offering precise control over the roasting process through its dual heat sources. With the ability to manipulate both conduction and convection, roasters can explore new flavor profiles and achieve unprecedented levels of customization.

Its user-friendly design ensures accessibility for all, making it a valuable tool for both professionals and enthusiasts alike. In essence, the W15E represents not only a technological leap but also a catalyst for creativity and exploration in the quest for the perfect cup of coffee.

More information on this subject? Make sure to read our full blogpost about the power of conduction and convection by clicking the link.

Personal advice

We’re here for you! Over a cup of coffee let’s discuss all the options and find the perfect roaster for you.

Our goal is to make coffee roasting as easy and professional as possible and together take your business to the next level. We think along with you and produce a customized roaster that fits all your needs and adds value to your business.  

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