Catalytic Emission Cleaner

Emission Cleaner

The climate, emissions and environmental awareness; these are hugely topical issues these days. At Giesen we want to offer you the tools to do your bit for these topics as best as possible. Partly for this reason, we have developed our range of Catalytic Emission Cleaner (CEC) machines. These machines reduce your emissions by means of a built-in catalytic converter and afterburner.

  • Reduces your environmental footprint
  • Available W6 and up, in three sizes
  • Built-in afterburner and catalytic converter
  • Small footprint, compact design

Burner -  heats the air until it reaches a temperature of 320 °C

Conversion chamber - this is where the catalytic reaction takes place

Air inlet - polluted air coming from the roaster enters the CEC

Air outlet - the cleaned air comes out through the outlet

How does it work?

Catalytic Emission Cleaning works quite similar to thermal afterburning, with the difference being that the gas after passing the flame, passes through a catalyst.

The catalyst ensures accelerated oxidation at lower temperatures. The polluted air is heated to approximately 320°C, which is a much lower temperature than being used with a thermal afterburner.

A catalytic emission cleaner needs four things to make it work: a carrier, special coating, precious metal and heat. The precious metal, acts as a catalyst and encourages and enables a reaction between individual carbon atoms. Catalysts are used to start all kinds of chemical reactions.

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More information on coffee roasting and emission control?

Download the Emission Guide!

The Giesen coffee roasting & emission control guide is an extensive document that contains valuable information on emissions caused specifically by coffee roasting. Also, the dangers that these emissions can give to our environment as well as the solutions for this are covered.

Giesen Catalytic Emission Cleaners

What's the difference?


High efficiency, compact design

The CEC product line is designed to be as efficient as possible without taking up too much valuable space. Maintenance of this addition also user-friendly; the areas that need to be cleaned are easy to reach.

  • Availability

    W6/15/30A - CEC30
    W45/60A - CEC60
    W140A - CEC140

  • Certifications

    CE Certified

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