Thermal Emission Cleaner

Emission Cleaner

The Thermal Emission Cleaner is a simple yet highly effective solution for minimizing emissions from your coffee roaster. By implementing post-combustion processes, the TEC effectively destroys pollutants released during the roasting process. This advanced technology ensures that the emissions produced are as clean and environmentally friendly as possible, contributing to a healthier atmosphere and a more sustainable roasting operation.

  • Reduces your environmental footprint
  • Compact footprint
  • Easy controls

How does it work?

The afterburning process works by subjecting the emissions from a coffee roaster to a secondary combustion. This involves heating the exhaust gases to a high temperature in an afterburner chamber. The high temperature in the chamber facilitates the oxidation of the remaining organic compounds and pollutants present in the exhaust gases.

As these compounds are exposed to the intense heat, they break down into simpler, less harmful substances such as carbon dioxide and water vapor. This oxidation process effectively minimizes the concentration of harmful emissions, ensuring that the exhaust released into the atmosphere is significantly cleaner and less polluting.

More information on coffee roasting and emission control?

Download the Emission Guide!

The Giesen coffee roasting & emission control guide is an extensive document that contains valuable information on emissions caused specifically by coffee roasting. Also, the dangers that these emissions can give to our environment as well as the solutions for this are covered.

High efficiency, compact design

The TEC product line is designed to be as efficient as possible without taking up too much valuable space. Maintenance of this addition also user-friendly; the areas that need to be cleaned are easy to reach.


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