Coffee cupping

Two types of coffee beans can differ in taste like day and night. Everyone has different preferences and taste favorites. A popular way to judge coffee beans is coffee cupping. Read everything about this topic.

If you love roasting coffee, the term ‘cupping’ will probably sound familiar to you. The perfect way to rate a freshly roasted batch of coffee.

Coffee cupping

Perhaps the most important preconditions for a successful cupping session: a consistent approach. That way, every coffee gets an equal chance. Good preparation is essential. Once you have this sorted out, you can start the cupping session. First, assess the smell of the ground coffee. Then pour hot water into all the cups. Leave this for a while. After that, it’s time for the remaining 10 assessment points. At the end of the session, if the cupping was successful, all the participants have a clear opinion about all the different kinds of coffee.

The 11 assessment criteria

A complete session includes eleven assessment criteria. The first one is the smell, after that, fragrance, taste, aftertaste, acidity, body, balance, sweetness, clean up, uniformity, defection and the overall rating includes all the criteria. It is important that all participants assess these criteria.

cupping coffee

If you want to learn more about this way of coffee rating, check out these websites: Baristainstitute, Perfectdailygrind , Patriotcoffeeroasters

Updated on 19-07-2021