Rate of Rise (RoR)

One of the most important indicators when you are roasting is the rate of rise. We clarify this important term for you.

The rate of rise

The rate of rise, often referred to as RoR, is one of the most important indicators you can use when roasting coffee. In short, the RoR is the speed at which the temperature of your coffee bean is increasing.

30 seconds

On a Giesen coffee roaster, the RoR is measured within a 30-second time period. Let’s say you have an RoR of 4.5; this means that your bean temperature is increasing by 4.5 degrees every 30 seconds.

You have to take into account that the RoR is based on the past 30 seconds of your roast. This means that it is only a forecast of what can happen to your coffee. You can adjust the settings of your machine based on the RoR, which will have the result that the RoR will also change again.

Rate of Rise, also known as the 'RoR'. These are important indicators when you are roasting coffee. The yellow line is the RoR.
The yellow line is the RoR

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Updated on 19-07-2021
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