Dry / natural process

The dry process, also known as natural process, is a method of coffee processing in which the coffee cherries are laid out in the sun to dry. During this process, the beans are exposed to the sun and wind, which helps to remove the outer layer of the cherries and dry the beans. Once the cherries have reached the desired level of dryness, the outer layer is removed and the beans are sorted and packaged.

Dry processed coffee is characterized by a bold and fruity flavor profile, with a pronounced acidity and a distinct sweetness. This method is often favored by coffee drinkers who prefer a strong and bold coffee flavor, as well as by coffee producers who are looking to produce a unique and flavorful coffee. However, due to the fact that the beans are exposed to the elements during the drying process, there is a higher risk of contamination and mold development, which can affect the flavor of the final coffee product.

Updated on 08-02-2023