Latte macchiato

Some people call this popular coffee ‘latte macchiato’ where others add ‘espresso’ instead of ‘latte’. It’s a beloved beverage with coffee and some milk. We will tell you the exact meaning today.

The history and meaning of the Latte macchiato

In Italy, the exact translation of ‘macchiato’ is ‘stained milk’. The name logically referrers to the outer look of this beloved coffee. It looks exactly like an espresso with a spot of milk (read: stained milk) in the middle. But why did they even come up with the name? Well, that’s also quite logical. Baristas needed to show the waiters the difference between an espresso and an espresso with some milk on top. Because the second latte was ‘marked’ with a white spot, they came up with the name of this popular beverage.

The recipe

The latte macchiato is made differently at probably all the places you order one. Even the way it’s served can vary; sometimes it’s in a glass, while other times it’s in a small mug. What should always be the same, is the order of adding the ingredient. You start with adding one espresso. After that, you add the milk. This results in a coffee with a slightly strong taste and some softness because of the milk.


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Updated on 19-07-2021