As a coffee lover, you probably have heard of the terms Robusta and Arabica. These two plants are the only coffee plants that are good for consumption. In this article, we talk about the first plant and tell you all the ins and outs.  

This coffee bean comes from a flowering plant species in the family Rubiaceae. Although the plant is commonly known by the synonym Coffea robusta, it is currently scientifically identified as Coffea canephora.

Robusta vs. Arabica

The differences between Robusta and Arabica are big. The first difference, and probably the most important one, is the amount of caffeine the beans contain. The Robusta bean contains twice as much caffeine as the Arabica bean. In addition, the habitat is also different. Unlike the Arabica plant, the other plant can also grow in lower areas. This plant has a better and firmer resistance so that the taste is also firmer.

The origin

This plant can easily grow in different climates and comes primarily from South America, where Arabica comes from high altitude areas in Central Africa and Asia.

Taste and blends

The Arabica beans are often considered superior in taste. These beans tend to have a smoother and sweeter taste while Robusta has a stronger, harsher, and more bitter taste. Because of the difference, the Robusta bean is considered less popular. Therefore, it’s often used in conjunction with the other bean and is sold as a blend.

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Updated on 19-07-2021