OCD (Ona Coffee Distributor)

The OCD is a coffee distributing tool created and founded by World Barista Champion Sasa Sestic, is a tool that is used by many barista’s and coffee professionals all over the world. Read all about it.

This round device is placed in a filled portafilter, and by spinning it around it perfectly distributes the coffee evenly over the basket.

OCD (Ona Coffee Distributor)

According to Sasa, making delicious coffee is all about understanding the variables and taking control of them. The distribution of coffee creates big variables for the quality and consistency of the way your coffee tastes, and the OCD takes this away. Also, the risk of channeling is removed by using the OCD.

The process

How does it work? The OCD uses four angled slopes that evenly glide the coffee around to create a perfectly flat puck of coffee. The OCD doesn’t push the ground coffee but spreads it out without applying downward pressure as a tamper does. Tamping is done only once the coffee is spread across the puck. The depth at which the OCD operates is easily adjustable so the tool is perfect for multiple types of beverages and roasts.

Photo: Global Coffee Report

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Updated on 06-01-2022