Quakers are seen as a defect. Although you can’t spot this defect before you start the roast. Only after roasting, you’ll notice the pale, unroasted beans. In this article, we will tell you all about it.

Technically quakers aren’t roast defects because it has less to do with the roast, and more with the bean itself. Though, most people refer to it as a defect because often you’ll only discover it after roasting.

What does quakers mean?

Quakers are pale, underripe beans you spot after roasting. The right developed beans have the usually brown color, while the quakers look lighter and underdeveloped.

The cost

Underdeveloped beans do not have the chemical compounds to have a proper browning reaction in the roaster, known as the Maillard reaction. For example, they contain less sugar. Some say this defect often accurse with the natural or dry process, opposed to the beans that are washed.


When you notice some quakers in your freshly roasted batch, it’s best to remove them. Because when you brew coffee with these beans, they add a lot of complexity to the cup. The taste in the cup will be dry, with papery notes.

Updated on 19-07-2021