Cafe Keppler

Van der Pekstraat 1, 1031 CN Amsterdam

The north of Amsterdam is already worth a visit, but now even more because of Café Keppler. The perfect place if you like some good coffee roasted on a Giesen, and some homemade food.

At Café Keppler, they offer coffee with cake but also lunch, dinner, and snacks. The perfect place for every moment of the day! Attached to the café, you find a small shop where people can buy their loaves of bread and freshly roasted coffee. According to Kees, one of the owners, it isn’t your average specialty café. ‘We’re more like a neighborhood bar, everyone can walk in and out.’

Blends and origin
At Café Keppler, they offer three coffees: two blends called Noord and Zuid, and always a single origin. Kees creates two different flavor profiles by manipulating the airflow which creates more bitters and less acidity. This goes better in harmony with milk. That’s something he started doing with Giesen roasters. Kees: ‘It’s so easy to manipulate the airflow on a Giesen and that’s very noticeable in the flavor profile.’

Kees Kraakman
One of the owners is Kees Kraakman. A well-known name in the coffee industry. That’s not a surprise, looking at his experience. 22 years ago, he started working at the place of Willem Boot and the rest is history. After 17 years of roasting coffee, he still enjoys it. Kees: ‘For me, the magic of roasting is the fact that it’s cooking but it’s also in part science. The fact that you can play with the way you roast to influence the outcome of the coffee. Something magical happens there.’

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According to Kees Kraakman, Keppler isn’t your average specialty coffee café. They are more like a neighborhood bar where everyone can walk in and out. Attached to the café there is a small shop where people can buy their homemade bread and fresh coffee. Curious? Watch the fourth episode of our Giesen Amsterdam Tour!

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