Coffee Roasting on a Large Scale: Giesen Australia and the W140A Industrial Coffee Roaster

Meet Richard Muhl, the passionate coffee roaster and gas combustion engineer who has been roasting coffee for 16 years.

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Meet Richard Muhl, the passionate coffee enthousiast and gas combustion engineer who has been roasting coffee for 16 years. Richard is not only an electrical engineer by trade. But also an experienced electronics technician in the Australian navy and a former manager in Kodak’s service department. Currently, he is the Technical Services manager for Five Senses Coffee in Australia. And from experience, he has a lot to say about the W140A coffee roaster, Giesen’s largest industrial coffee roaster.

How it all started

Richard’s journey with Giesen began a decade ago when he acquired a Giesen roaster for the roastery; Five Senses. Not realizing that there were technicians assigned to the task, he took the initiative to install it himself. His self-installation sparked Giesen’s interest, and they became involved. Since then, Richard’s passion for coffee roasting has grown, and he is now an expert in the industry.

Installing the W140A industrial coffee roaster

Recently, Richard had the opportunity to install Giesen’s largest coffee roaster, the W140A, in Australia. The industrial-sized coffee roaster roasts 560 kilos of coffee every hour and offers maximum control. Richard was impressed with the manufacturing quality of the W140A, describing it as engineering excellence and a next-level roaster. He was particularly impressed with the green coffee conveyor’s own Programmable Logic Controller and controls.

The W140A is motorized and handmade by craftsmen with the highest quality materials. The drum is partially cast-iron with high-performance bearings. Included with the standard equipment like the low stationary burner, airflow control, low noise fans and drum speed control. These features make the roast profile completely adjustable, according to your needs.

Want to know more about our W140A? Fill in this form and we will get back to you!

Industrial Coffee Roaster W140A
Industrial Coffee Roaster W140A
Industrial Coffee Roaster W140A

Becoming a Giesen distributor

As a Giesen distributor, Richard has been impressed with the openness and willingness of the Giesen team. He is currently focusing on sales, improving marketing, and dedicating himself more to the inner workings of the business.

Richard’s passion for coffee roasting started with an invitation from the owner of Five Senses to join the team. He fell in love with coffee and everything about the industry; the people, the passion and the continuous growth.

Richard’s coffee journey has led him to become a Giesen distributor in Australia. His expertise in electrical engineering and gas combustion engineering is an asset to the company, and his passion for the industry is contagious. With the recent installation of the W140A coffee roaster, Richard is excited to show potential customers the next-level roaster. And also help them achieve maximum control in their coffee roasting process.

Industrial Coffee Roaster W140A
Industrial Coffee Roaster W140A

Get in touch about our industrial roasters

If you are a coffee roaster or someone interested in starting your own coffee roasting business in Australia or New Zealand and would like to learn more about the Giesen W140A coffee roaster, Richard is the person to speak to. As a passionate coffee enthousiast and expert in gas combustion engineering, Richard has the knowledge and experience to help you choose the right coffee roaster for your needs. To get in touch with Richard, simply fill out the form and he will reach out to you to discuss your requirements and answer any questions you may have. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn more about the W140A and the other industrial coffee roasters available from Giesen Australia!

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