Coffee talk: What is it like to roast coffee on an industrial Giesen roaster?

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Welcome to this captivating article where we delve into the world of coffee roasting on an industrial Giesen roaster. In this interview, we have the privilege of speaking with experienced users of the Giesen industrial roaster. Our roasters are renowned for their precision, reliability, and ability to accentuate and refine coffee bean flavor profiles, this industrial roaster has become a staple for coffee professionals worldwide, and these experienced coffee roasters are happy to tell you why they use our roasters. Watch the video below or read the questions in this article!

Quarter Horse Coffee and Neighbourhood Coffee, United Kingdom

How has your overall experience been working with a Giesen roaster?
Quarter Horse Coffee: Our first Giesen, it was eight years ago, and since then there have been lots of updates that are much better. So little niggles that we had with the older version have been fixed for the newer one, so it’s simpler to use, simpler to clean, and a better roaster.

Can you tell us about the quality of coffee you have been able to produce with your Giesen roaster?
Quarter Horse Coffee: Yeah, consistent, great quality of coffee. We find that sweetness is the main thing that comes out while roasting with the Giesen.

Neighbourhood Coffee: We roast looking for balance. So a mix of acidity, sweetness, like a good development, like good extractability. And it’s just worked like straight off the bat. It’s made everything we do taste a little bit better. It’s added another level of consistency because of the size and the scale. Yeah, it’s just been really easy to work with. Again, another reason we were a bit nervous about moving from the W15 to the W60A is that consistency in quality and in the coffee we’re producing and will put in a whole bag of coffee compared to 15 kilos or ten kilos. Changed that, and we just found that it’s like we’ve, we’ve found a perfect consistency it’s yeah, exactly the same as what we roast on the W15, but just a lot quicker to roast.

How has the Giesen roaster impacted your business?
Quarter Horse Coffee: Having a Giesen has allowed us to grow. We started with the W15A which was perfect, which allowed us to grow to a W30A with a very similar way of roasting. Yeah, it’s just consistently easy to use.

Neighbourhood Coffee: Before we had the W60A, we were roasting five days a week, 35 batches a day, which the roaster did not have the capacity for that. So we were overdoing the roaster in many ways, and now it’s giving us a lot more breathing space to be able to do what we’re doing properly and put a lot of time and effort into getting the profiles exactly as you want them to be. Giving us time to do other business, it’s been a lifesaver. It’s just helped us to scale. You get to a point where you physically can’t roast much more coffee. Yet we want to keep going and want to keep hiring people. We want to keep giving awesome coffee to people and helping them grow their businesses. And so knowing now that you’ve got the confidence to say, “Yes, we can handle your requirements, even if it’s up to 1000 kilos a day, it’s like, yeah, no problem.” You know, it’s just it just gives you that scalability that you’re just never going to get with a W15 or W6. Yeah, it’s ace.

How has your experience been with the Giesen team and their customer service?
Neighbourhood Coffee: We have absolutely loved the service we’ve got from Giesen and Tom, in particular, based in the UK. And it’s like it’s brilliant is on the end of the phone. I’ve got his number to give him a text or a phone call, and he’s always answering, and he’s got great knowledge of both the coffee and the machinery and engineer inside of things, so from everything from the simplest questions to installing this beast, he’s been, and it’s been great, and then the team in the Netherlands was awesome. The finance guys were quick. They communicated really well. They were flexible. Furthermore, they listened. In terms of shipping, it was great. It turned up when they said it would and in terms of installation, Frans who came across, it was awesome. But it just was, I was amazed at how quickly it went in, faultless like can’t fault anything.

Quarter Horse Coffee: The customer service has been great with Giesen, whenever there is a problem, you can make a call, and they always answer. And if not doing web chat or calling into the Netherlands has been relatively quick. Early days when we didn’t have a UK, they were still pretty quick where I could message the Netherlands, and they’d call me within one or two hours.

What sets Giesen apart from other roasting equipment manufacturers?
Neighbourhood Coffee: The quality of the product that we’re getting out and the efficiency of it and the just like the solid that built really solid. And yeah, the downtime, like we’ve had almost no maintenance issues in nine years. Like the W15 series has logged thousands and thousands and thousands of hours. The W60 just chews through coffee. They’re just put together really, really, really well. And then if something does go wrong, like we got what, two occasions, two queries. The support team is awesome. They’re on the phone, they’re on video like the parts are quick to arrive. I mean, we can’t fault them at all. The addition of the profile and software as well as has really upped our game. We use the external profiler on this on the W15, but actually using the Giesen profiler and being great, we can follow exactly the curve we want, we can print off sheets, and we can taste the coffee and cup the coffee and compare them to different profiles and, um, having that included with the W60 has been a real up in production quality for us. Yeah, build quality like if you’re after a drum roaster so if you’re roasting predominantly for espresso profiles those kinds of things just the sheer amount of quality materials that go into it. But they’re not cheap, but they’re worth every single penny. In our experience, you can buy a lot cheaper roaster, but then you’d be buying two or three because I’ve heard stories of other roasters. Their roasters break down, shipping with catastrophic faults or taking hours and hours and hours and maintenance to even get them going when they go down. Like we’ve never had more than one, like one day down with a W15A ever. And that was a part that arrived the next day. So just value for money. Awesome.

Quarter Horse Coffee: What sets them apart first is service. They are quick to respond, and they are close. The fact that they’re close to Europe is what means that the ordering process, it’s a lot easier and quicker than other roasters. So yeah, so getting the roaster in and installing that service of the roaster is better with Giesen. I think the airflow and pressure profiling is probably also what sets it apart. What we’re really happy with is that it’s another variable that you don’t have to worry about, but you get better results from. Yes, I have recommended using them on other coffee roasters. I think their support is great. I think they’re easy to use and definitely great quality for the price. Furthermore, I think, especially for small shops, the W6 is really great. I’ve been really impressed with the W30a already. From the moment we bought a W15, like almost from the first day we started, pretty much it’s just been great. Like, I’ve seen other roasteries use other brands, and that’s fine. You know, we’re very much in the Giesen family, and I can’t see us using anything else.


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