Coffee trends 2022 – Summer inspiration – Part one

Each year new types of coffee are being created and each season calls for a different approach. In the summertime, we enjoy the weather and the long evenings. Below you find some coffee trends and tips & tricks on how to implement them in the summer. Enjoy!

Canned & Bottled coffee

When the weather is nice, people intend to go out more. Food and drinks to go are important to bring along. Coffee to go is already a huge market, but the market for canned and bottled coffee is growing every day. In supermarkets, you can already find a variety of canned and bottled coffee drinks. So, to respond to this increasing demand, you can create your own coffee to go in this new form.

Not sure if this is something for you? Tip: start small and see if your audience is responding well to this new product. If so, you can start increasing your supply.


Cold foams as a coffee topper are in greater demand. This element gives a different kind of experience to your coffee. Try to experiment with flavor or color and have fun with it. So you and your customer are enjoying both the art of adding foam to coffee.

Summer High Coffee

As said before, people intend to do more in the summer, because of more free time. Often they also like to do activities together. Same as a High Wine or High Beer you can create your own coffee taste experience for others, a High Coffee. In this way, people can learn and experience different types of coffee. You can give these experiences all year long and, in the summer, you may want to highlight different types of cold coffees. You can provide this experience in person, or online or create a sample box with instructions (a do-it-yourself kit).

Coffee subscriptions in the summer

Sometimes the weather is so hot that you don’t want to do anything. In that case, it is nice for a customer to have the ability to have a coffee subscription. Their favorite coffee from their shop, delivered at home. You can offer a standard coffee subscription or a variety of flavors every new month, so customers can try a different bean each month.


There are many topics to discuss when talking about sustainability, such as:

  • Green coffee roasting
  • Benefits of sustainability in your business
  • Equipment to reduce your emissions

For this more information about this trend check out our article about sustainability in the coffee business.

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