New release: W6 Pro

What are you looking for in a roaster? Consistency? Automated roasting? Great design? Quality? Our NEW W6 Pro has it all! Automated roasting to getting your roasts under control with the W6 Pro.

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What are you looking for in a roaster? Consistency? Automated roasting? Great design? Quality? Our NEW W6 Pro has it all! Automated roasting to getting your roasts under control with the W6 Pro. We believe that quality and functionality should always go together, and this reflects in our newest development. The W6 Pro is handmade by craftsmen with high quality materials, like you’re used of us.

W6 Pro: Automated process

As with Giesen’s larger coffee roasters, the W6 Pro can be controlled automatically. You can control the intake, stirrer, cooling fan and discharge no longer from an HMI but directly from Giesen Profiler.

Green Coffee Conveyor

The green coffee conveyor, which transports your beans directly into the hopper, is optional with the W6 Pro. This means no more heavy lifting and reduces manual handling. Simply put the beans into the GCC hopper, turn on the vacuum motor, and open the valve. The beans are then transported to the hopper by the vacuum suction.

Advanced cooling

Once you’ve roasted your batch you load the beans in the cooling sieve. The precise control of the stirrer’s speed and the cooling fan’s power determine the speed at which your coffee beans cool. Once the cooling process is done you can automatically load your beans out of the cooling sieve.

Smart roasting software with Giesen W6Pro

This software is invented to record your roasting sessions and to repeat profiles automatically. It helps you keep track of all your roasting sessions and lets you export them. Basically, Giesen Profiler saves you valuable time. So, experience the possibilities as the software is fully integrated with the W6 Pro.

With Giesen Profiler you can set up smart roasting profiles by using triggers. This means that when your roast performs a certain condition or at a certain time, you can have multiple actions following.

Example: You can set Giesen Profiler to adjust the power to 10% as soon as your bean temperature hits a specific goal temperature. If you are in possession of a W6 Pro, you can also have the intake go off automatically or control the stirrer and cooling fan. The possibilities for these profiles are endless and make it possible to automate your roasting.

Benefits compared to the W6A

Compared to the Giesen W6A the W6 Pro has de following benefits:

  • Adjustable control panel with shelf
  • Capacity up to 7 kilograms per batch
  • Cooling time < 2 minutes
  • Including Giesen Profiler
  • Automatic control of stirrer, cooling fan, discharge, and intake
  • Premix burner
  • Temperature sensor in the cooling sieve
  • LED strip above the cooling sieve
  • Cleaning without removing the cooling sieve

More sustainable

The W6 Pro is more sustainable because of the automation and burner technology. This is the same system as the W30A so the temperature and gas control is very constant. Better isolated interior which makes the roaster more energy efficient.

The materials come from Europe and the cast iron plates are melted down from other materials.

Everything is certified and the materials are durable. The materials used for the Pro are no different than for the normal W6. 

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