Specialty Coffee Trends In Coffee-Producing Countries

Specialty coffee is a growing trend worldwide, with coffee consumers interested in the unique flavors and origin stories of the coffee they consume. The specialty coffee movement is fundamentally based on the notion of coffee quality experiences, uniqueness, and traceability. In recent years, the trend has been increasing in coffee-producing countries, where consumption trends of specialty coffee have seen a surge.

One factor driving the trend in coffee-producing countries is the growing middle class. With the increasing affluence, citizens in these countries purchase higher quality products and as a result, specialty coffees are being discovered more broadly by local consumers. Additionally, the trend is being supported by the development of coffee education and awareness programs. In turn, this is leading to a shift in consumer behavior, as consumers are becoming more technically informed and discerning about coffee. It is not just coffee shops that are being influenced but the homes of consumers as well, with a rise in at-home coffee preparation methods like Cold Brew, Chemex, and V60 pour over.

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A growing appreciation

Moreover, there is a growing appreciation of local coffee farms as farmers invest more in unique varietals and quality control systems to excel in the production of specialty coffee. Consumers are seeking out local coffee roasteries and expanding their palettes to include different, unique flavors of coffee from local areas. This growing appreciation and support for local farms have been a significant part of the specialty coffee trend in producing countries. The trend is not only relevant to consumers in younger age demographics in coffee-producing countries but has also gained attention from the growing senior demographic who are looking for healthier lifestyle choices. Specialty coffee has demonstrated attributes that have positively influenced a choice for healthy lifestyles, such as health and cognitive benefits.

In conclusion

In conclusion, we are seeing that specialty coffee is becoming more than just a trend but a testament to a shift in consumer trends in coffee-producing countries. Specialty coffee has created a new demand for quality-focused producers, roasters, and retailers. In this month’s Behind the Roast episode, we are featuring Café Passmar in Mexico City; an excellent example of a thriving coffee café and roasting company located in the heart of this bustling city.

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