The Giesen Ambassadors

The essence of our community.

Our brand ambassadors aren’t just faces; they embody our values and uphold our vision. Chosen for their dedication to quality, their genuine love for coffee culture, and their passion for inspiring and educating others, our ambassadors truly embody the essence of the Giesen community.

Unique people, varied expertise.

We take pride in having such a diverse array of personalities as our ambassadors. And because each person is different, our ambassadors also provide unique content and information in turn. In the ambassador profiles that you can find below, you can see what kind of information you can expect from each ambassador.

San Rafael, California 

Willem Boot

Willem needs no introduction for many. His extensive knowledge and ability to inspire make him an invaluable addition to our community. With his award-winning Gesha coffee farms in Panama, he brings firsthand experience and excellence to the table.

Through workshops, educational content, and his own coffee adventures shared on the Giesen Behind the Roast video series, Willem continues to inspire and helps you to elevate your coffee experience.

  • Behind the Roast
  • Giesen Webinar
  • Monthly Blogs
Jaime Duque
Giesen Colombia Distributor

Bogotá, Colombia

Jaime Duque

As one of the most knowledgeable and high-profile coffee figures in Latin America, Jaime Duque is an incredibly valuable addition to our coffee community. With a passion for imparting coffee knowledge and letting us experience flavors and coffee roasts, Jaime is a fantastic addition to our team.

  • Roasting Tips
  • Training and Courses
  • Business Essentials

Rockingham, Australia

Richard Muhl

 With 16 years of experience in coffee roasting and a diverse background in engineering and technical management, Richard brings a unique blend of expertise and passion to our community.

Richard Muhl is more than just a coffee enthusiast; he is a seasoned professional with a wealth of experience. With a background as an engineer and extensive experience in electronics and technical management, Richard’s journey in coffee roasting is as diverse as it is fascinating.

  • Technical Advice
  • Workflow and Efficiency
  • Technical Tutorials
Giesen Scandinavia Distributor

Malmö, Sweden

Filip Åkerblom

Filip’s journey in the world of coffee is fueled by a deep appreciation for flavor profiles and an innate curiosity for experimentation. Filip’s experience competing in the World Roasting Championship and hosting the Giesen RoastCast podcast has given him unique insights into the industry.

  • Giesen RoastCast
  • Monthly Blogs
  • Roasting Training