Top 10 summer destinations that own a Giesen

Let’s look at 10 perfect summer destinations. We may still be limited in traveling from one country to another but we can already dream!

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We may still be limited in traveling from one country to another but we can dream and prepare for future trips! And maybe one of the summer destinations on this list is nearby so that you can visit it anyway. Let’s look at 10 perfect holiday destinations where you can spot a Giesen or where they own one.

1. KOKOMO COFFEE ROASTERS (Tallinn, Estland)

We love the roastery of KOKOMO and it’s placed in the perfect city for a lovely holiday: Tallinn! First, drink some good coffee at KOKOMO and spot the Giesen roaster, and after that, take a long walk through the old town. Trust me: you won’t regret it.

At KOKOMO, of course, you can enjoy the best coffee. But besides that, they offer some delicious dishes. Choose the bread, cake, or salad, and on your way out, buy the coffee beans they roasted on their Giesen!

Address: Marati 5, 11713 Tallinn, Estlân

2. Bootlegger Coffee (Cape Town, South-Africa)

You can find Bootlegger Coffee not only in Cape Town but also in Johannesburg. Bootlegger has multiple spots you can visit if you travel to this impressive city. If you ask us, Cape Town has the best of both worlds: the city offers everything you long for in a city trip and besides that, you can relax on the beaches or go to a tidal pool!

At Bootlegger Coffee, you can enjoy the best dishes! Pick the homemade fries, delicious burgers, or some of their coffee varieties. You can find them all over Cape Town, so there’s a good chance you can visit one.

Address: You can find all the locations on their website.

3. Kandmcoffee (Los Angeles, United States)

You instantly get happy when you visit Kindness & Mischief Coffee, also known as K & M Coffee. The interior is colorful, even as the food and drinks. For coffee, this is obviously the right place to visit. They own a roast their beans with a Giesen and offer the most delicious coffee varieties. Choose “The Kindness” Special Latte with coconut, cinnamon, and espresso, or pick one of the other options like a cortado, latte, or mocha.

Why Los Angeles is the perfect summer spot, besides K & M Coffee and the other roasters that own a Giesen, doesn’t really need an explanation. Visit the famous Hollywood sign, walk the sunset boulevard or go to the beach.

Address: 5537 N. Figueroa St. Los Angeles, CA 90042

4. Coffee and Coconuts (Amsterdam, The Netherlands)

As a Dutch company, we couldn’t not name a place in The Netherlands that’s worth visiting. This place in Amsterdam is perfect if you like to relax and enjoy good food. They offer a lot of snacks, meals and good coffee. They roast on a beautiful raw look Giesen and have a lot of coffee varieties.

Besides this spot, you can visit all the other roasters in Amsterdam where they own a Giesen and enjoy the Netherlands a bit more. Cruise through the canals, go shopping, and visit museums like Madame Tussauds. This is guaranteed to be a lot of fun!

Address: Ceintuurbaan 282-284, 1072 GK Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

5. Foh Coffee (Chiang Mai, Thailand)

The abbreviation FOH stands for ‘Full Of Happiness’ and that’s the only way we like to describe this beautiful place! If you are in Chang Mai, you definitely need to bring a visit. Not only because of the calm interior but also because of the delicious menu. They roast on a beautiful White Giesen, perfect with the interior. Of course, we recommend tasting their coffee!

Chiang Mai is the perfect place to relax, visit markets and go on hikes. Definitely a recommendation!

Address: Soi Ruam Jai 1, Tambon Ton Thong, Amphoe Mueang Lamphun, Chang Wat Lamphun 51000, Thailand.

6. Pacific Coffee Research (Hawaii)

This place is something different, but definitely worth visiting if you like to learn more about coffee and roasting. It’s a women-owned & operated specialty coffee education center, roastery, certified cupping lab, and SCA Premier Training Campus. And the best thing is, they are located on Hawaii Island! If there is one island worth visiting in the summer, it’s probably Hawaii.

Address: 721183 Makalei Dr, Kailua-Kona, HI 96740.

7. Tanamera (Jakarta)

They roast on a beautiful red Giesen W60A and are on fire! You can find their shops in multiple locations, so check their website to find all of them. We love the one in Jakarta! If you can’t visit their places, you can also buy their coffee on the website.

Going on a holiday to Indonesia is also a recommendation. This varied country offers different vacation options. Plan a beach holiday, go hiking or visit a city: enough choices!

Address: You can find all the locations on their website.

8. Cafezal Specialty Coffee (Milan)

Cafezal is the first specialty coffee roaster in Milan since 2017. Besides that, they belonged to the top-3 Best European Coffee Shop 2018/19. How cool? As you can imagine, they serve good coffee, and you can also order some food. The city of Milan is just beautiful so that’s a plus! Definitely don’t forget to visit the cathedral.

Address: Via Solferino, 27, 20121 Milano MI

9. KUDU Coffee Roasters (Athens, Greece)

Talking about nice holiday destinations: let’s go to Greece! Of course because of the nice weather and beautiful beaches, but also because of KUDU Coffee Roasters. Their interior is spot on, and so is the coffee! You can find them in Athens, a holiday destination you definitely should check out.

Address: 25is Martiou 22, Neo Psichiko 15451, Athens, Greece

10. Kaffee Rösterei Sylt (Sylt, Germany)

Sylt is a tidal island and the best place to relax, taking walks through the dunes and of course drink good coffee. And for the last, Kaffee Rösterei Sylt is a perfect spot! They roast on their Giesen and serve among other things, typical German food.

Address: Hafenstraße 9, 25980 Sylt, Germany

Do you know more summer destinations or other spots that are worth mentioning? Please comment down below so we can make another blog about it!

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