The espresso lovers probably think about the Americano as a soft cup of coffee. Still, it’s one of the favorites among many coffee lovers. Let’s talk about this coffee variety!

A lot of people compare the americano with filter coffee. Maybe it tastes quite the same, but the origin of this beloved beverage is different.

Americano history

The story goes that the Americano was born during the Second World War. The Italians served the American soldiers traditional espresso. Turned out the traditional brew was too strong for them. At home, they were used to the softer taste of coffee. Therefore, they always ordered some hot water with their coffee. That way this coffee variety was born!

The recipe

The recipe for this lovely beverage is quite simple. Just an espresso with an equal amount of hot water. By pouring the water with the espresso, the coffee becomes a little less strong but still retains a full flavor.

Americano vs Lungo

A lot of the time, people confuse the Americano with the Lungo. Quit logic, because of the similarity of these two coffee types. Both are made with espresso and hot water. But what is the difference? Where they add hot water with espresso to make an americano, a lungo is just an espresso made with some more water. Therefore, the taste of the lungo is stronger and more bitter.


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Updated on 19-07-2021