Red eye coffee

Can’t choose between a normal brewed coffee or an espresso? You don’t have to choose! Pick a coffee called ‘Red eye’ and enjoy the best of both worlds. Let’s discuss this term.

Red-eye coffee

If you pick a red eye coffee, you get quite a simple drink. It’s made with normal drip coffee and one shot of espresso. So, two types of coffee will be combined. You can drink this coffee cold or hot, just how you like it most.

Some people say this coffee is called the way it is because of the red eyes you get when you’re really tired after a long flight. You can use some more caffeine than usual, so you order this strong coffee. Besides this name, it’s also called hammerhead, shot in the dark or sludge cup.

Eye coffee

Some people may have never heard of the term ‘eye’ for your coffee. However, there are more coffees with a similar name. You can also choose the black and dead eye coffee. The difference is in the quantities. A black eye coffee is made with two shots of espresso and a dead eye coffee with three espressos. Quite a strong coffee as you can imagine.

red eye coffee

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Updated on 01-02-2022
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