Green bean management

Managing your green coffee beans (Green Bean Management) is hugely important for preserving and keeping your unroasted coffee good. In order to do this as carefully as possible, there are a number of basic measures that you can use in your roastery to accomplish this.

Of course, the measures will vary from roastery to roastery. For example, a retail roastery will store and manage its coffee differently than a medium to large semi-industrial coffee roastery. When in doubt, contact a coffee expert to create a plan that fits your situation. 

Basic measures:

1 – Make sure your green coffee is not stored too close to your roaster. You will understand that the heat from the coffee roaster will have an effect on the unroasted beans. Make sure the green coffee is stored in such a way that the temperature of your coffee roaster will not directly affect the temperature of your green coffee. 

2 – Ensure a constant storage temperature. Temperature fluctuations are detrimental to the preservation of your green coffee. Therefore, make sure that the temperature in your storage location is between 10 and 18 degrees Celsius at all times. 

3 – Ensure relatively low humidity. To preserve the beans properly, there should be a humidity level of 30 to 60 percent. 

4 – Never place the unroasted coffee beans in direct sunlight. You will understand that this promotes the deterioration of your coffee. Preferably place the green coffee in darkness.

5 – Ensure good air circulation; make sure the air is circulated preferably four times per hour. This will prevent the coffee from becoming stale and staying good longer.

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Updated on 15-03-2022
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