Parchment coffee

When you are advanced in working with coffee, you’ve probably heard of the term ‘parchment’. A layer of skin you can find around the coffee beans that needs to be removed before you start roasting the coffee.

Most of the times, you find the yellow layer of parchment around the coffee bean when it already has dried. By hulling, you can remove it quite easily.

Parchment coffee

The parchment is a natural layer that covers the coffee bean. When people talk about parchment coffee, they refer to the dried beans still with the yellowish layer of parchment. Some people prefer storing the bean with the extra layer because it protects the beans from environmental influences such as air, light, humidity, and temperature. Removing the parchment just before roasting will also help with preventing the coffee from losing flavor.

Hulling coffee

Removing the extra layer happens during processing. To remove the layer of parchment, you need to hull the coffee. Hullers range from simple actions to advanced machines that do the work for you and remove the hulls. Because of a fast-moving motion, there will be friction and the hull basically crumbles away. After this step, the beans are ready to get roasted.

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Updated on 08-03-2022