Tamis de refroidissement

The cooling sieve is the part of the coffee roaster where the roasted coffee beans can cool down after the roasting process. This is very important; in fact, the roasting process must be stopped as soon as possible to stop the coffee beans from developing further.

The bottom of the cooling screen is connected to a fan that sucks away the hot air generated by the beans. This cools the beans. Also, the cooling sieve is equipped with an agitator that mixes up the beans and ensures that the beans are cooled evenly. 

Discharge valves

The cooling sieve is equipped with one or more discharge valves. These allow the beans to be easily dumped into buckets, bins or other containers of choice. The valves on a Giesen coffee roaster are usually manual, but can also be manufactured automatically if desired. This way you can open the valves automatically at the push of a button. 

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Updated on 23-05-2022
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