Officially this method of brewing coffee is called ‘Chemex’, but you often hear the name ‘slow coffee’ or even ‘drip’ pass by. Today we will tell you all about this stylish instrument and the coffee you can brew with it.

How do you use the Chemex?

Using this beautiful-looking coffee brewer is quite simple. Unfold the filter and place it in the Chemex. Rinse cold water through it first to avoid a paper taste. Pour a layer of hot water over the coffee grind and wait a moment. Then, pour the rest of the water over the coffee. In about 4- 5 minutes, the coffee will be ready to be served.


The inventor behind the Chemex is eccentric chemist Dr. Peter Schlumbohm. Creative and inventive you could call him because in his carrier he designed more than 300 patents. His focus was mainly on developing products that were more functional, attractive, and enjoyable to use.

Difference between the Chemex and filter coffee

Some people claim that filter coffee and Chemex coffee are the same. However, this is not true. The first difference is already in the time in which you brew the coffee. Filter coffee is one of the best ways to make a lot of coffee quickly. In contrast, Chemex coffee takes much longer. This is due to the thick filter used. As a result, the coffee runs through less quickly and more extraction takes place.

Some other significant difference is the shape of the equipment, the way you can control the ratio and temperature with the Chemex, and the coarseness of the grind.

The filter

Besides the design, the filter is also different compared to regular paper filters. The Chemex filters are approximately 20-30% thicker than conventional filter paper and their special fiber prevents oils, bitter elements, or coffee grounds from getting into your coffee when brewing. As a result, the coffee tastes particularly aromatic, nuanced, and not bitter.


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Updated on 19-07-2021