Coffee body

You can enjoy the taste of your coffee, but you can also analyze the exact taste. One of the things you can think about is the body of the coffee. We will tell you everything about it. 

If you rate your brewed coffee instead of just drinking it, you can look at several characteristics. For example, you can rate the sweetness, acidity, cleanliness, and body. The last one is the one we discuss today. 

What does the coffee body mean? 

The body of your coffee is quite hard to explain. Different beans and roasts can taste different in the mouth. For example, is the taste light, heavy, watery? It all refers to the body of your coffee. The descriptions often relate to the texture or heaviness of the coffee. 

The body contains several factors and influences. Most of the time, coffee is determined by the degree of roast, the brew ratio, and the brew method.  

Different types of body 

You can differentiate different types. The light, medium, and full-body are terms you hear quite a lot. For example, a light one has a thinner consistency, and the fuller one tastes quite heavy.

Coffee body

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Updated on 19-07-2021