Weekly roaster maintenance

Things are going well in your coffee roasting business. Customers are coming by, you’re making a lot of coffee, and your Giesen coffee roaster is putting in a lot of hours. A good sign! Giesen roasters are built to put in a lot of running hours. However, this also requires good maintenance. Depending on how much coffee you roast, the maintenance of your roaster must be carried out.

If you use your coffee roaster daily, you will need to perform maintenance on your Giesen at the end of your production week. This includes cleaning the chaff collector, cleaning behind all maintenance doors, and cleaning the ash drawer. In order to access these items, it is necessary to disassemble several parts. To explain this clearly, we have created an instructional video that you can watch below. Have fun watching!

Do you have any questions despite the video? No problem! Use the contact form below to get in touch with our support team. They will assist you as soon as possible.

Updated on 06-10-2021