Podcast #15 – Filip Bartelak – Sample roasting

This season stands for educating and learning. Every episode a special guest joins Filip to talk about the different disciplines in coffee roasting. We want to bring in new influences and latest techniques of roasting coffee, so that you can learn something new every time you listen in the car, the roastery or just at home.

Sample roasting is something that people can overlook easily. Why sample roast if you can just get samples? Well, Filip Bartelak will explain why it is so important to roast your samples yourself. Filip Bartelak is a certified Q grader for Arabica and Robusta and SCAA Certified Lead Instructor. In today’s episode, Filip & Filip will explain and share their experiences roasting samples and what essentials you need.

You can also listen to the episode here:

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Roasting phases; different stages of roasting

The chemistry of coffee roasting has always fascinated me. We should consider the roasting process as a fundamental stage in a coffee’s journey from seed to cup. It unlocks the potential of the green coffee beans by creating hundreds of aromatic compounds. It also makes the beans brittle and porous enough to prepare the coffee for grinding and brewing.