Caffè lungo

An espresso, but just a bit different; of course, we are talking about the caffè lungo! Are you a fan or do you prefer other coffee variants? We’ll tell you all about this delicious, Italian one. 

Long coffee

The lungo coffee owes its name to the preparation time. In Italian, the meaning of ‘lungo’ is literally ‘long’. Therefore, you can see this type of coffee as a ‘long espresso’. 

Lungo preparation 

To prepare a caffè lungo, you use the same amount of coffee as you would with brewing an espresso. The difference is in the amount of water you add: twice as much. This ensures a long preparation time. Therefore, the lungo tasted much more bitter than a regular espresso. To prevent the coffee from tasting too bitter, the coffee beans are more coarsely ground compared to the espresso.  

Caffè lungo recipe:

Caffè lungo vs. Americano 

The lungo might look a lot like an Americano, there are some big differences that ultimately also affect the taste. The Americano is just like the Caffè Lungo, a combination of water and espresso. The big difference lies in the preparation time. With an Americano it’s short because the ingredients are poured together directly. With a Lungo this process is much longer. That’s why the taste of the lungo is stronger compared to the Americano.

Caffè Lungo

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Updated on 19-07-2021