Drying phase

When we talk about roasting coffee, we differentiate several phases. One of them is the drying phase. We tell you all the facts about this process.

Drying phase

Since the green beans have a humidity of around 10%, the beans need to be dried before we start the actual roasting process. All the Giesen roasters are drum roasters. Therefore, the beans need around 6 to 8 minutes to complete the drying process.

The temperature of the beans

Controlling the temperature of the roaster is extremely important at this point since you do not want to burn the beans in the drying process. When this stage flows into the next, the temperature of the beans will be around 160 °C.

Coffee roasting phases

As you can see in the picture below, we differentiate several phases while roasting. It all starts with the green beans and ends in the dark brown ones, you probably recognize. Logically, the drying phase takes place in the first phase of the coffee roasting process.

Do you want to learn more? For example, about how the moisture of green beans affects the roasting process. Our ambassador Willem Boot shares all the ins and outs you want to know. You can read the blog here: Moisture of green coffee beans.

Updated on 14-12-2021