Home roasting

Home roasting is roasting coffee in a home environment. It is usually done by amateurs / hobbyists and is done on a small scale. There are many consumer devices on the market that can facilitate this, varying in quality. It is even possible to roast coffee in a pan or tumbler over a heat source. Often the conditions are such that the final coffee is lower in quality compared to professionally roasted coffee.

Home roasting is mainly carried out by coffee enthusiasts who were initially interested in the different brewing methods and want to develop this interest further. There are several sources available for consumers to purchase their own green coffee samples and there is also a large online community regarding home roasting of coffee.

There are also cases where a hobbyist uses a professional coffee roaster to roast coffee at home. In the case of Giesen machines, this mainly involves the sample series; the WPG1 and WPE1 but in some cases also the W1 series.

Updated on 10-01-2023